Special Education Needs
  Marianne Lanuti, Esq. - Special Education Attorney

Marianne Lanuti, Esq. limits her legal practice to the area of special education for children. As a special education attorney, Marianne assists children with disabilities that adversely affect the ability to benefit from their public education.

Special education is the process of ensuring that all children, regardless of individual differences, receive an appropriate education despite economic factors. Each public school district is required to timely identify children with suspected disabilities, within their geographical jurisdiction, and evaluate the child to access his or her educational deficits, if any.

In the event that an educational need is determined, the child is entitled by state and federal law to appropriate supports and educational services; including but not necessarily limited to, positive behavioral supports and strategies. Disabilities can impede a child's ability to appropriately benefit from the educational environment and can create a need to provide specially designed instruction and teaching methods as-well-as technological support. All children with disabilities enrolled in public school are entitled to receive a free and appropriate public education (FAPE).

Lanuti Legal Services is dedicated to ensuring that your child's rights are protected. 

                    Special Education Services provided:

  • Representation at the IEP level

  • Representation at Resolution Sessions

  • Representation in Due Process Administration Hearings

  • Representation in federal court

  • Special Needs Trust


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